Terms & Conditions

We are located in Costa Rica and all orders will be shipped from here.
We ship to all countries worldwide using Correos de Costa Rica, the Costa Rican postal service.
Their service has been proven to be fast, reliable, and and by far the most competitive in relation to other international couriers available from here.
We ship “Regular Standard Mail” which usually takes around 7-14 days to any location in the world. Most of the time customers receive packages quicker than estimated before, but in a few cases it has taken longer. All orders are usually shipped next working day after receiving it.

For all orders, we will NOT be held responsible for packages lost in the mail or seized by your customs.  It is your responsibility to know what can be imported into your country.  We deal with way too many countries to know what can and can not be imported.
By buying the items, you are agreeing to these terms!

Seeds orders are carefully packaged on shrink wrap containers to preserve vital content, and mailed on bubble-padded mailers for secure, discreet, and swift mailing.

Be aware that the import of seeds may be restricted in your country or state.
Small seed packages of up to 50 seeds can be imported to the USA providing you have a ‘Small Lots of Seed‘. Permits are usually valid for 3 years and can cover multiple importations.
This is relatively easy for USA citizens to obtain at the US Department of Agriculture website.
US citizens can also check the Laws and Regulations that apply for their particular state here.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to check with their authorities that the item they are purchasing or bidding upon is allowed as an import in their country or state.
We will not be held responsible if your country or state of destination rejects, destroys, or confiscates the shipment due to particular customs regulations.
We can provide a Phytosanitary Certificate at an extra cost to buyer if so desired.
Please contact me if you have any questions.

Seeds are a live organism.  Their germination depends on many factor including heat, cooling, sun, shade, moisture, time of sowing, etc.  None of these things we can control so we can not be held responsible for them.  We promise to provide fresh viable seeds as I always have and the rest is up to you 🙂

Some plants and seeds are poisonous so please keep away from children and pets.